VIDEO: Mexico National Guard rescue driver and avoids trailer accident due to lost brakes

A trailer that was circulating in Coahuila on the Camino Puerto México – Ojo Caliente highway to San Luis Potosí ran out of brakes, so the woman who was traveling as a co-pilot waved a red cloth out the window to shout that they had a problem.

Elements of the National Guard (GN) saw that the vehicle was traveling at high speed and the woman’s signs of help, so they cleared the road and removed barriers.

In a post on the GN Twitter account, they added the video of what happened: “We travel the roads to support you when you need it most. In Coahuila, we helped the crew of a trailer that was left without brakes. The immediate response allowed that there were no injuries or material damage. “

In the clip, you can see the moment when a patrol catches up to the trailer and they indicate through the loudspeaker: “A lane is open for you! It’s an open lane, GET READY! ”

The recording shows how the trailer traverses at high speed the “Los Chorros” toll booth, which was already prepared to let the vehicle pass freely, thanks to the actions of the officers.  

The driver managed to brake at kilometer 200 of the Mexico-Piedras Negras track.

In the video of the institution, the man who was driving the vehicle thanks to the GN, “I want to thank the officers of the National Guard of highways for giving me their support, opening a lane where I could pass without any problem.”

“They saved my life, that of my friend and that of all the people who were on the road,” says the driver.

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At the end of the video, the driver can be seen hugging his companion, who is crying and the voice of a member of the GN is heard, who comments to them: “All good, good that they were able to stop. Don’t worry, we’re already here in a good place. ”  

In a statement issued by the institution, they indicate that, “With these actions, the National Guard reaffirms its commitment to citizens, with the fundamental objective of safeguarding the physical integrity of people and contributing to the public security of our country.”

In Mexico, road accidents number in the thousands, according to data collected from the “ Statistical Yearbook of Federal Highway Accidents 2018 ”, that year 12,237 accidents were recorded and a balance of 2,994 people died, in addition to 8,761 injured. The material damages for these accidents amount to 1,173.56 million pesos.


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