San Jose del Cabo will continue with beaches restrictions

  • Authorities carry out these operations every weekend, so far with positive results, noted the director of Public Safety

San José del Cabo.- The general director of Municipal Public Security, Juan José Zamorano said that the security filters will be followed in the different beaches of the municipality to maintain the capacity of bathers at 30 percent, to date the result has been positive.

Likewise, in a tour carried out by CPS Noticias, it was observed on the iconic beach of San José del Cabo, Palmilla at 3 in the afternoon with the authorized capacity; At the entrance of each beach were the security filters where the number of people is controlled and the temperature is taken at the time of entering.

Zofemat, Public Safety, National Guard participate in these filters, who at the time the bathers arrive give them antibacterial gel, take their temperature and let them pass if the capacity allows it, if not, they were recommended to visit other beaches.

After three in the afternoon, Mayor Armida Castro on her Facebook wall commented that yesterday-Sunday afternoon, the beaches of El Medano, Santa María, El Tule, Las Viudas, Chileno and Palmilla had closed because they were already at 30 percent of its capacity.

It is worth mentioning that the Costa Azul viewpoint remained closed and there were soldiers from the Third Military Zone in custody.

The head of Public Security mentioned that operations will continue on beaches every weekend, to avoid exceeding the capacity and reduce the risk of possible infections by Covid-19.

He said that if a person comes to the beach and other families arrive and they are placed less than a meter away, it is a situation that has to be controlled, so people are invited to keep their healthy distance.

He indicated that with the presence of the authority and the socialization of health measures and counting on citizen support, he hoped to continue maintaining good results and that there is responsible management on the beach, so that they remain open for the enjoyment of families.


The Mazatlan Post