Economic and social crisis in Cabo San Lucas increases due to pandemic


Cabo San Lucas.- Adan Martinez Rebollar, a member of the Letty Coppel Foundation, points out that the situation of economic and social crisis generated by Covid-19 has upset everyone without exception, in which the most vulnerable people are older adults, disabled children, children with cancer and unemployed. Noting that support grows due to the need that deepens in the destination, delivering monthly between 2,000 additional food baskets to those scheduled. 

“We are focused on giving pantry to the neediest population. We are working on programs that have already been established. We have not taken anything away from them. We provide economic support to children with cancer at 100%, in addition to continuing this support for children with disabilities.”

He added that he is reinforcing humanitarian work for older adults by giving them food baskets, which we deliver house to house to prevent them from leaving.

He highlighted that the children with disabilities benefited by the Letty Coppel Foundation are 85; while with cancer, 45 and older adults, 200.

Likewise, he said that other extraordinary supports are for families who attend community canteens with an average of 800, in addition to the heads of families who do not have a job, delivering more than double the planned pantries in the last 4 months, acknowledging that the civil organization will continue contributing to the well-being of the least wealthy.

“We have around 6,000 food baskets and we are still working on the issue, each month the delivery of food baskets to the neediest families increases, such as some 2,000 food baskets a month as the needs are still continuing; as long as the activities are not opened 100 percent one hundred families will continue to require our support. “

To conclude, he said that he would work hand in hand with the Community Alliance in providing food baskets to the most vulnerable families, both in the municipal seat and in Cabo San Lucas, humanitarian actions that will continue as long as possible.


The Mazatlan Post