170 cruise ship arrivals canceled for Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas.- Fernando Hoyos Romero, general manager of the Comprehensive Port Administration of Cabo San Lucas, announced that the instance has had changes that still continue to have repercussions, such as the cancellation of 170 arrivals , having a lesser amount than expected. but it has achieved an economic balance that allows the port facility to remain operational. 

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Likewise, he said that he was waiting gradually for the economy and the arrival of cruise ships with the projection of receiving the first ships either at the end of September or the end of the year, expecting to reach 30 percent of the projected arrivals in 2020.

“In projection we had a program of arrivals that exceeded 230 this year, cruise ships with characteristics in capacity exceeding 5,000 passengers, so the estimate for the close of this 2020 projected a total of 590,000 passengers”. 

170 cruise ship arrivals canceled by API, in new normal

He pointed out that currently the projected figures and that are under analysis, it is likely that we will reach 30 percent of the projected for this 2020.

“Possibly we are left with the more than 80 arrivals that we received in the first quarter of this year and with the 190,000 passengers who managed to enjoy the beauties of the destination.”

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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