Baja California Sur should be considered a border state and reduce its Tax


Esteban Vargas, leader of the CROC in BCS, expressed that AMLO should not exclude the half peninsula as a border state.

Cabo San Lucas.- Esteban Vargas Juárez, general secretary of the Confederation of Workers and Peasants in the entity, said that in the visit of AMLO the general population should speak out to ask that Baja California Sur be considered a border area and enjoy the tax incentives that other states along the border have.

He added that one of the tax incentives that border entities enjoy is the Value Added Tax (VAT) , so it is important that federal legislators representing the half peninsula take action on the matter. 

“Baja California Sur cannot be seen as a state far from the continental massif, we are part of this country, so we deserve the same treatment as other border entities.”

He called on the federal legislators of the half peninsula to synergize and generate a point of agreement to upload it to the Chambers of Senators and Deputies to declare BCS as a border area. 

He added that the entity should be classified as a border state.

“Let’s raise our voices, or send the message to the President of the Republic, hopefully, municipal authorities and the state governor will present AMLO with this situation, BCS deserves dignified and preferential treatment.”

He concluded by saying that it is the least they deserve, because the proceeds from Baja California Sur and specifically Los Cabos, generate an important source of income, which goes to the Federation, so they must classify BCS as a “border area”.


The Mazatlan Post