Sinaloa Governor is Mexicos highest-rated in July 2020 Mitofsky poll


The Governors of Yucatán, Querétaro, Mexico City and Baja California Sur complete the first five places in the most recent evaluation of the pollster

Sinaloa.- Governor Quirino Ordaz was rated the best state governor evaluated in July 2020, according to the latest survey by Consulta Mitofsky and was reported in the newspaper El Economista.

Mauricio Vila from Yucatán, Francisco Domínguez from Querétaro, Claudia Sheinbaum from Mexico City, and Carlos Mendoza Davis from Baja California Sur, complete, in that order, the first five places in the evaluation.

The latest Mitofsky Consultation survey “Governors of Mexico, July 2020” also indicates that 23 leaders were located in “outstanding” and “high” approval; while the rest in “medium”, “low” and “very low”.

Therefore, in general, the governors registered an increase of almost 13 percentage points in citizen approval, going from 31.8% acceptance in February to 44.7% in July, according to the results.

It should be noted that of the governors with an “outstanding” rating, four are from the PRI (Sinaloa, Sonora, Coahuila and Hidalgo), four from the PAN (Yucatán, Querétaro, BCS and Quintana Roo), three from Morena (CDMX, Chiapas and BC) ; and one from MC (Jalisco).

The worst evaluated were Ignacio Peralta, from Colima, and Cuauhtémoc Blanco, from Morelos.

The survey was applied to 54,389 citizens with smart mobile devices with Internet access.

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