Cmic proposes investment in Loreto and La Paz BCS

The proposal that integrates 4 projects, was presented to the Conago

In his recent attendance at the National Governors Conference, Engineer Eduardo Ramírez Leal, national president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry ( CMIC ), presented a plan to strengthen the National infrastructure that includes an investment of little to BCS. more than 89 million pesos.

This proposal integrates 4 projects, three of them in Loreto and one in La Paz, which were worked by the SETUES led by Luis Humberto Araiza Lopez and the SEPUIM, led by Genaro Ruiz Esparza, informed Luis Alfonso Huerta Avilés delegate of the CMIC in BCS.

In coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, the construction of the Loreto Civic Cultural Center was proposed with an investment of 48.5 million pesos, the extension of the boardwalk of this same town on the edge of Arroyo San Telmo, to strengthen the tourist area, with an investment of 26.3 million pesos and the beautification of the Loreto tourist inn with an investment of 11.5 million pesos.

In the case of La Paz and in coordination with the Secretariat of Urban Planning, the construction of the South West Bypass of the capital was proposed with a budget of 2.8 million pesos. This project would give fluidity to the congestion that the city presents in the southern zone

La Paz, Baja California Sur | El Souvenir

The request before the new presidency of the Conago, now in charge of the governor of San Luis Potosí Juan Manuel Carreras López, is that the private initiative be allowed to participate in the government plans, in the short, medium and long term, with the creation of the National Infrastructure Institute, the same that the CMIC has sought for years to give consistency to national infrastructure plans, before the arrival and departure of governments in turn and to strengthen, of course, the construction sector throughout the country.


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