Facebook in Mexico will warn when posts with old or harmful images are shared, to avoid fake news

Just as WhatsApp recently added the option to search the internet for information about the most forwarded messages, now Facebook does the same on its platform to avoid misinformation and fake news 

Starting this Friday, Facebook users in Mexico who share a publication with images that are detected as old or potentially harmful will see a notification appear with the context of the image, to let users know that it is an image “reused”, and will ask for confirmation before sharing.

In this way, Facebook makes sure to give more information to the users of its social network about the content they share, seeking to avoid misinformation and the spread of fake news in Mexico. To display this notification, Facebook uses two filters: the first is when it is determined that the publication is old, that is, it was uploaded for the first time to the social network at least a year ago, and the second makes use of artificial intelligence to determine that an image is harmful.

Facebook Fake News

The same filter of the publication time, but adjusted to 90 days, will apply for articles and news. That is, people trying to share a story that has been found to be at least 90 days old will also see the information context notification appear, so they can determine if the information is still worth sharing. If the user determines yes, they will be able to share the post without issue.

This news is added to the creation of the Information Center on COVID-19, a new section within the social network launched last July, where official and verified information on COVID-19 is collected, to disprove myths and avoid the disinformation.

Source: xataka.com.mx

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