22 earthquakes, so far in September recorded near La Paz


03 September, 2020

It is due to the presence of a seismic swarm in the area

After the earthquake of magnitude 4.1 on the Richter scale that was confirmed by the National Seismological Institute and that was perceived by a large part of the population of La Paz during the night of Wednesday, Municipal Civil Protection, reported that in areas near La Paz there have been registered 9 earthquakes from 01 to 03 September, due to the presence of a seismic swarm in the area. 

Civil Protection, reported that during the early hours of Thursday there was one more with a magnitude of 3.5 , which made it imperceptible, in that sense, of the nine that have been presented, the 4.1 tremor has been the largest. 

civil protection

According to the Ensenada Higher Education Scientific Research Center (Cicese) in La Paz, this movement of tectonic plates is part of a phenomenon known as: seismic swarm, which is characterized by a number of low magnitude earthquakes and occur Over a period of several weeks to a few months, it will continue to occur in the area.

The Civil Protection Directorate recalled that La Paz is a seismic zone, so it called on the public to remain calm and assured that all emergency bodies are attentive and ready for any eventuality.

In the city of La Paz; 13 earthquakes in the course of the day recorded


The population of La Paz spread through social networks an earthquake that was felt at 9:45 p.m. from the center of the country.

The magnitude of the phenomenon reached 4.1 and its epicenter was located 19 km east of La Paz.

According to information from MetMex, there are already 13 earthquakes in the course of the day.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx, tribunadelapaz.com

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