They create the largest ‘coffee bag’ in Baja

From 5 in the morning, ‘La Garita del Chilpa‘ began to give coffee and bread to all the people who came to his business, pointing out the host that he had the largest Baja California Sur sack cafe, a country utensil that is already part of the identity of the Baja Californians.  

Gilberto Márquez, better known as ‘El Chilpa, made it clear that the coffee was not made in the ‘giant bag’ and that it is outside the business located on the Todos Santos – La Paz Transpeninsular highway, but in a normal bag and with all hygiene standards such as the use of face masks, antibacterial gel, and healthy distance.  

He noted that the promotion will last all afternoon today and tomorrow everything will return to normal, making it clear that the giant bag will remain permanently since it will become the icon of the region. 

It should be noted that throughout the day hundreds of people of all ages gathered at the ‘El Chilpa’ business to taste the bagged coffee and the piece of bread, in addition to taking pictures with the ‘giant coffee bag’.

Baja California Post