Los Cabos continues to fight for abortion rights due to rape


Within the framework of the Global Day of Action for Access to Legal and Safe Abortion, Los Cabos continues in the fight so that women in the event of rape can access medical assistance as indicated by regulation 046. 

To respect Paola Arzate, Independent Feminist Researcher and Trainer highlighted that in the face of confinement due to COVID-19 it has been shown that aggression, violence, and violations within the family context have increased as many women, girls and adolescents were confined with their aggressor, which has directly raised the rates of violence.  

El debate inesperado sobre el aborto en Argentina - The New York Times

He stressed that the complaint also weakened in this period since the institutions closed, so finding a way to complain other than going to the Public Ministry or the Justice Center for Women was delayed. 

In this context, he said, “therefore sexual assaults also increased the demand for abortions and the accompaniments as well, because it is well known that many women do not trust the Public Health System to go and access a legal abortion because in case of rape, abortion is legal throughout the country and therefore in our State ”.

Likewise, she stated that there are many campaigns to promote the application of the 046 rule that has to do directly with the legal interruption of pregnancy in the event of rape, but by not trusting the Public Health Institutions and Justice Procurement Institutions, women sometimes they prefer to access abortions accompanied by feminist networks.

“It is important to mention how the World Health Organization recommends abortion at home with medication as long as it is with the corresponding protocols and always with the accompaniment at the time of practice,” he stressed.

He affirmed that talking about reproductive rights in this framework is important because it is a historical and conjunctural moment where these changes and these new forms of work, dissemination, representation can also be used to make visible what has been demanded for centuries, for decades with greater determination   

He pointed out that the struggle has not rested, the representations are different, there are organizations and groups that have been working for more time, that are much more consolidated, that have achieved important kinesias, which allows them to have another type of demonstration.

“Definitely the fight for the defense of the human rights of women has not rested at all during the confinement, if not that we have been demanded to do it in other ways and this has also cost work, organization, planning, etc.”

Finally, she emphasized that in recent years there was a modification to the norm where the principle of good faith of women must be respected, which implies that they believe in their word and that when attending the Public Health services to request the interruption of pregnancy due to rape, it is not necessary to file a complaint, only requesting it in advance in writing must be addressed.

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Of course, complaints are always encouraged, but it is not a requirement to be able to access the medical service since they cannot question it, they cannot judge it, they cannot corner it in any way.

Another group of BCS citizens march against the decriminalization of abortion

La Paz, Ciudad Constitución, San José del Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas reported
mobilizations led by religious leaders of the entity • PAN officials joined religious leaders
and thousands of citizens in a “walk for life” in different cities of Baja California South

BCS citizens march against the decriminalization of abortion

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- On the afternoon of this Sunday, October 6, thousands of
citizens took to the streets in different cities of Baja California Sur (BCS) to march against
abortion. La Paz, Ciudad Constitución, San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas reported
demonstrations led by religious leaders of the entity.

In recent weeks, the bishop of the Diocese of La Paz, Miguel Ángel Alba Díaz, called on
citizens to join the peaceful march to establish a position against the termination of

Men and women, dressed in white and holding posters with pro-life legends, walked from
Calle 5 de Mayo on the corner of Revolución toward the statue of La Paloma on the
Malecón in the capital city.

The spokesman for the Diocese of the Diocese of La Paz, the priest, Juan Gómez
Esqueda, assured that the citizens gathered in the peaceful walk with a common
purpose: to speak in favor of life

BCS citizens march against the decriminalization of abortion

“The slogans are not even against decriminalization, they are simply saying that we love
life. From there try to create a culture, indoctrinate, evangelize from the positive. More
than saying no, it is saying yes to life, “said Juan Gómez.

The priest argued that this initiative or movement was born from secularism, later the
religious institutions came together to support “respect for life.”

“There is no meddling. I believe that we all have the right to demonstrate, “said Juan
Gómez after emphasizing that the more than 2,000 people attending the walk came with

In the case of the city of La Paz, public servants from the National Action Party (PAN)
joined the demonstration. In the movement, the faces of officials were identified, such as
the head of the Secretariat for Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Mobility (Sepuim),
Genaro Ruiz Hernández; the director of the Instituto Sudcaliforniano del Deporte
(Insude), José Avila; the deputy, Rigo Mares; and the state president of albiazul, Carlos

BCS citizens march against the decriminalization of abortion

In Ciudad Constitución, a walk was recorded in which about a thousand citizens also
participated. The mechanics were the same as in La Paz: a movement in which religious
institutions united and led citizens in peaceful protest.

In the cities of Loreto, San José del Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas, the participation of
people against the decriminalization of abortion was also reported.

“The walk through life” is recorded in the midst of discussions due to the fact that
decriminalization is an issue on the agenda of the National Regeneration Movement

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx, diarioelindependiente.mx

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