The Tianguis a popular tradition in La Paz BCS


Although sales have dropped as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, little by little the number of visitors and buyers has been increasing

Hasta personas de clase alta frecuentan el tianguis 'Santa Fe', en La Paz -  BCS Noticias

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- What has been a tradition for years every Tuesday from 6 in the morning in a small park located in the neighborhood 8 de Octubre, First Section by many merchants who are back after they had to close their positions for a certain time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this in mid-March of the current year and that they have already rejoined their sales activities for a few weeks and make up one of the Tianguis more representative and that gives life to the place, in addition to the fact that the inhabitants of the popular neighborhood appreciate that they are at the foot of the canyon because it largely conforms to the economy because the purchase and sale of all products can be found cheaper a tianguis.

Traders know that security measures and protocols have to be in place, therefore, in each position, those who sell their products bring face masks, use antibacterial gel, in addition to washing them before putting them on sale, so that they have a better presentation.

In the Tianguis you can find fruits and vegetables, shoes, shirts, pants, toys, plants, food (tacos, birria, gorditas) prepared at the moment and in front of your eyes with hygiene and presentation.

Reactivan tianguis en la ciudad de La Paz - Tribuna de los Cabos

Before the reincorporation of their positions if they have felt that the sale has decreased because people go to buy the elementary and many times they no longer walk through all the positions of the place, but if they have seen an improvement week after week what makes them think that things are going to settle down little by little because the people who usually came were ladies of the home accompanied by their children and although the tianguis is a family tradition and they are outdoors and the stalls are separated, the people have chosen not to expose themselves so much and is respectable because health is paramount.

Many of the stalls that go to the 8 de Octubre neighborhood on Tuesdays also do so at the tianguis that is set up in a ford in Colonia El Calandrio, which is very popular on weekends as the number of stalls is large, but for Covid-19 has been reduced above all by the security measures that were implemented so that merchants could rejoin their activities.

The Tianguis in the capital city become a popular festival because in it it is very common for you to meet many acquaintances from very early, that is to say at 6 in the morning to 12 noon and also that you can buy all the products you are looking for, for This is why the tenants ask the population not to stop visiting them and especially that when they do so they carry the mask and antibacterial gel with them in their cars or in their bags as this will largely prevent the spread of Covid-19 in more people.

It is important that citizens support local businesses because to a large extent it represents a source of income for many South Californian families that day by day get ahead with the sale of different products and items that they offer to the customer, always with the best offer for you to return.


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