Krystal Grand Los Cabos Hotel Announces Reopening


The Krystal Grand Los Cabos Hotel, belonging to the Santa Fe Hotel group, as well as those in Cancun and Nuevo Vallarta, resumed their activities and announced a personalized service as well as a varied gastronomic offer 24 hours a day, announced the hotel corporate.

For her part, Lilizi Orci, executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, confirmed that this hotel located in San José del Cabo, opposite the La Joya development, has been arriving at the Josefino tourist destination;  it just opened its doors to consolidate the tourist offer that San José del Cabo offers.

Reapertura económica

Likewise, it is reported that as part of the offer, the hotels in the three tourist destinations offer in-room amenities and several wellness offers that range from massages to personalized treatments. 

Hotel Krystal Grand Los Cabos, San José Del Cabo

Lilzi Orci commented that several hotels in the tourist destination of Los Cabos, instead of lowering rates, are offering offers and amenities to guests in these times of the new normal due to Covid-19, managing to awaken the interest of several tourists who arrive. motivated by these promotions.

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