Floyd Mayweather arrives at his favorite Mexico beach destination


The ex-boxer has returned to Mexico in less than two months and only to vacation.

Floyd Mayweather landed on Mexican soil this Wednesday aboard his luxurious private jet at the Cabo San Lucas airport in Baja California Sur, a tourist center of our country that has returned to ‘normal’ for just over three months after being quarantined for the coronavirus pandemic.

The former American boxer arrived at his favorite tourist destination in the company of two people, who were carrying a black backpack and he, who was dressed in black.

In less than two months Floyd  returned to Cabo to enjoy a few days of relaxation on the beaches that overlook the Sea of ​​Cortez.

The aircraft that bears the name air Mayweather and has an approximate value of 60 million dollars, was photographed at the airport, as was the ex-boxer.

So far he has not shared anything about his stay on social networks, but in his previous visits, he did share how he relaxed on the beach.

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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