Los Cabos host 3 of the 9 millionaire Fishing Tournaments in the world

Organizers of the Fishing Tournaments in Los Cabos announced that last Thursday 129 teams participated in Bisbee’s Offshore, which began this Friday, marking the beginning of the high tourist season, the prize pool exceeding the 1.4 million dollars, highlighting that the entity produces 3 of the 9 millionaire tournaments in the world.

Clicerio Mercado, the organizer of the Los Cabos Fishing Tournaments, announced that the prize pool is one million 440 thousand dollars, highlighting that this tournament is not the first time that it has reached one million dollars.

Chinito Bonito, el millonario campeón del Bisbee's 2018 | BIG FISH | Los  Cabos

He added that with the results of the Fishing Tournament held in Buenavista, last August, with prizes of one million one hundred thousand dollars, we can say with great pride that Los Cabos and in particular Baja California Sur is the state that produces 3 of the 9 millionaire tournaments in the world.

“Next week we have the start of the Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournament in its fortieth edition, obviously with the support and effort of many people, as well as the institutions of the three levels of government.”

He stressed that the Bisbee’s family puts its grain of sand in the development of the destination as well as in the promotion of tourism, in the defense of sport fishing, dorado, and weevils; After the starting shot, Clicerio Mercado recognized Wane Bisbee for his work on behalf of destiny.

Bisbee's 2020 East Cape Offshore Sets New Record

Armida Castro, Municipal President of Los Cabos, said that this type of event shows that Los Cabos is up, working and ready to receive its tourists in a new normal that has very strict health rules, so with this tournament we are welcoming the high season of tourism in Los Cabos.

Fernando Hoyos Romero, general manager of the Comprehensive Port Administration (API) of Cabo San Lucas, indicated that Los Cabos takes an important step in regional tourism development with the celebration of the 2020 Offshore Fishing Tournament and in which there is a commitment from the three levels of government for the realization of this event:

“Celebration that is part of the tourist attractions that the destination has.”

Los Cabos in the eyes of the world by Bisbee’s tournament

Los Cabos

The executive president of Asudestico said that this event will motivate more guests to visit BCS tourist destinations 

Bisbee's - Bisbees.com

The Bisbee’s Offshore Fishing Tournament is a very important event for the tourist destination of Los Cabos that has been held over many years and contributes to generating economic income for this tourist pole, as was considered by the executive president of Asudestico, Francisco Javier Olivares Velazquez.

This event places Los Cabos in the eyes of the whole world and with these tournaments, they mark the beginning of the high tourist season, because as of this date the hotel, restaurant, and commercial activity begins to take off.

The fishing tournament coincides with the beginning of the high tourist season and it is highly encouraged that in this difficult time due to covid 19 it has been maintained and this will surely give a good image of the destination.

Holding this event will help build confidence that Los Cabos is ready for its reactivation, following all health recommendations very promptly.

“The timeshare sector is insisting that you should not lower your guard, but continue to strengthen security measures to avoid a situation that gets out of hand and cannot be controlled. With this, the destination’s economy will improve ”, he reiterated.

It should not be forgotten that it is through biosecurity that it will allow the generation of the economy in the destination because everything is a circle if there is no tourism there is no money for the other sectors and tourism will visit Los Cabos as long as it knows which is a safe destination.

32nd Annual Bisbee's

Fishing tournaments are important, as well as golf and other attractions to generate wealth for Los Cabos and the entire state, if there is tourism there is purchasing power to generate economy in the entity, that is why he insisted on taking care of visitors and taking care of the municipality population to continue advancing at the level of the covid traffic light.

Finally, he reiterated that the timeshare segment maintains 40 percent occupancy and that it has 8 thousand rooms in the destination of the total of the 20 thousand rooms that Los Cabos offers.

Source: bisbees.com , tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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