An Urgent Water Plan for Baja California Sur desperately needed


Deputy Milena Quiroga declared that it is essential to develop a state water plan that protects the communities near the streams, but also allows the retention of rainwater and the recharge of the water tables.

This in the framework of the floods that claimed lives in Tabasco and that occur in other states of the Republic such as Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Veracruz, as has happened recently in other Central American countries and that manifest the consequences of climate change, due to to the burning of fossil fuels and drastically accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

Therefore, he said, it is important to put the preservation of lives and avoid tragedies due to weather conditions at the center of public policies, as was presented in the past in BCS, with the impact of hurricane “Lisa”. It is therefore important not to be negligent and to take preventive measures such as retention, to also face droughts and water shortages. 

Water Plan

He said that the water plan, which the entity unfortunately lacks, should not only allow protecting the communities located next to the streams, which have eventually been affected by the rains, it should also take into account works that collaborate with the recharge of the water tables, with a validity of at least 25 years.


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