Home invasions and crime on the rise in La Paz Baja California Sur

Neighbors of the Guerrero, Zacatal, INVI-Chametla, and La Pasión colonies have been robbed

La Paz, Baja California Sur. Neighbors from the Guerrero, El Zacatal, INVI-Chametla, and La Pasión colonies were robbed in their respective homes, while in the vicinity of La Fuente a passerby was stripped of his valuables by an alleged assailant.

According to the information provided by Municipal Public Security, a 27-year-old woman,
who identified herself as Janet, a neighbor of Juan Domínguez Cota streets, between 5 de Febrero and Nicolás Navarro reported to the SPM patrol agents- 121 that from his home they stole a Huawei Y9 cell phone that he had left inside his bag, from where they also stole personal documents and 4,200 pesos in cash.

Robo a casa habitación

On the other hand, officers from the SPM-159 unit were required on the Tecnológico Boulevard, between Gómez and Granate, in the El Zacatal neighborhood, where a 40- year-old male reported the theft of a Honda GX272 outboard motor. 9 horsepower.

In another case, the officers of the SPM-203 patrol go to the streets of Playa Ensenada, between Playa de Muertos and Playa Ensenada, in the INVI-Chametla neighborhood, where a 40-year-old male reported the theft of a refrigerator and neighbors told him they reported that a woman had apparently taken it away.

La Paz, municipio con más denuncias por robo a casa-habitación | Diario El  Independiente

Similarly, a neighbor from the La Pasión neighborhood informed the SPM-150 patrol officers that a green water pump was stolen from his home, and he did not know who could take it.

Finally, it is reported that on Monday night a 46-year-old male arrived at the Camino Real headquarters reporting having been intercepted by an unknown person who threatened him with a knife when he was walking through the Los Bledales y Mar circuit, in the La Fuente neighborhood, stripping him of a red Samsung Grand Prime cell phone, fleeing through the stream.

Source: diarioelindependiente.mx

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