Los Cabos issued Zero penalties for businesses and hotels this weekend

This is indicative that the vast majority of commercial and tourist sectors are complying with sanitary measures, however, the revisions will continue 

During the weekend operations to commercial and tourist turns carried out by the Coepris, Fiscal Inspection, Civil Protection and Public Security, there was no need to generate any administrative act, no sanction to the areas that the authorities visited.

Covid-19 table

The above was reported at the Monday meeting of the covid table, where it was said that it is a good sign and indicative that businesses and shops start at least in the tourist area and its surroundings, restaurants, hotels, the vast majority are abiding by the rules.

Notwithstanding these positive results, it was reported that the supervision of commercial and tourist lines both in San José and Cabo San Lucas will continue to be permanent, taking into account the signals and complaints of the citizens.

Although it is true that infections continue to be in a range between 100 and 170, active cases are a situation that continues to be risky, it represents a high risk not to comply with the protocols and in this sense, the call to people is not to lower the guard, continue to attend to the recommendations and prepare so that in December what happened in previous years with parties and massive events is not repeated, revealed Julio Castillo Gómez, executive president of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos. 

In terms of numbers, he said that Los Cabos remains the same in hospital occupancy with an average of 9 percent; in public hospitals, 13 hospitalized patients, 4 intubated, 11 in a delicate and serious situation, and while this is happening you cannot lower your guard.

Although the numbers are maintained, it is also true that the message is that we are in a high-risk situation with respect to the month of November and December, so the whole of society must continue to reinforce preventive measures, concluded Castillo Gómez.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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