The first drive-in Los Cabos beach will open this December 19th

The long-awaited drive-in theater in Los Cabos will begin with the screenings of the film premieres on the Costa Azul beach in San José del Cabo.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- Under the organization of “ Cinema Vagabundo “, during this month of December the first performances of the first ” drive-in on the beach ” of Baja California Sur will be screened, on the coast of Costa Azul beach, in San José del Cabo.

At the last minute, the long-awaited film project changed headquarters, since it was originally going to premiere in the Los Cabos Cultural Pavilion, however, those in charge of planning the drive-in, obtained the approval of the authorities of COEPRIS and the Secretary of Health State, to celebrate this historic event within the natural area of Costa Azul, respecting all health and hygiene measures.

On Saturday, December 19 is the date when the drive-in will start first functions on a giant screen that will be placed at the edge of the beach, taking in front of dozens of people on board their vehicles will experience the cinematic experience.

The capacity allowed for each function will be 60 cars with a maximum of 3 crew on board, during the first stage of the drive-in theater.

Also, Costa Azul modifies and adds some utility extras, such as installing portable toilets around the beachstands selling prepared foods and classic products of the film as well as a source of illumination in the area of bathers, during the performance of the functions.

The entrance tickets to enjoy the drive – on the beach, can be purchased directly email: [email protected]

The projections of the film have no cost because the cost of the Drive is covered by the budget exercised by the Institute of Culture and Art of the Municipality of Los Cabos

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