Heroic life-saving policewoman will be honored in La Paz BSC

In less than a year, agent Carolina Martínez saved the lives of two babies and a fellow professional who were in danger of death.

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- The Municipal PoliceCarolina Martínez López, will receive from the hands of municipal and state authorities, a medal of merit and courage for their tireless mission to protect and save lives around the state capital.

The public security agent managed to rescue two children and an adult from the clutches of death in less than a year, using first aid methods and resuscitation and survival techniques to avoid the imminent death of these people.

In October 2019, the second official revived a baby just 11 months born in the colony San Fernando, after the infant presented problems breathing.

After going to the relief report to the victim’s home together in her intimates, Carolina did not hesitate for a second to apply cardiopulmonary respiration to the affected minor due to the delay of the local ambulances, only to return oxygen to the child’s vital organs, amid the applause of the police elements that accompanied her and the baby’s mother.

Carolina Martínez, began her heroic deed by saving a baby from death who had respiratory failure in the San Fernando neighborhood.

A year later, in October 2020, the same agent repeated the same heroic action, in the same way carrying out the cardiorespiratory regulation process to another baby in danger in the El Mezquitito neighborhood.

The minor was on the verge of fainting due to the lack of oxygen that caused a breathing failure in her lungs, when Carolina Martínez, arrived as the first respondent at the scene of the emergency and applied the same procedure to restore lucidity and consciousness. to the infant.

A year later, the same police officer managed to have another baby in danger practically reborn, after registering respiratory problems.

Weeks later, Carolina returned from the threshold of death to an element of the Municipal Police who had tried to commit suicide by hanging from a rope in her own home.

After the timely police report that warned about the situation of the person in danger, the subagent arrived at the home of her suicidal partner and unblocked him from the rope that was cutting off his breath around his neck, to apply the effective resuscitation technique again the man who was already practically lifeless, but who reacted again to the surprise of several witnesses who witnessed the miracle.

The admirable Public Safety Officer will be decorated by municipal and state authorities for her courage and effort in saving human lives in the state capital.

For all these achievements in benefit of the safety of the citizensCarolina Martínez López, will soon be recognized with a medal for her valuable rescue acts, in addition to being awarded an economic incentive and the valuable public recognition of Baja California Southy society.

Source: metropolimx.com

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