New desalination plant in Cabo San Lucas will benefit 140 thousand inhabitants

Los Cabos. – In order to cover the current deficit in the demand for drinking water for the use and consumption needs of domestic, commercial, industrial and public users, the major projects of the new desalination plant and Comprehensive Management Improvement (MIG) will add 250 liters per second of the vital liquid to the Municipal Operator of the Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation System of Los Cabos (Oomsapas), in addition to making its distribution more efficient to all citizens.

As water is the most heartfelt request of the population, since the beginning of her administration at the head of the municipal presidency of Los Cabos, Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán and the technical team of Oomsapaslc, work transparently before the corresponding authorities such as Conagua and Fonadin, following the protocols established by the program and setting a specific calendar for the development of the projects.

“Through an estimated investment of 986 million 236 thousand 045 pesos, under a private investment scheme of 51%, a federal subsidy of 49% and a 25-year service provision, the new desalination plant seeks to end the water shortages in San José del Cabo and Cabos San Lucas, as well as with the distribution through tanker trucks in 13 neighborhoods that do not have a water network, expanding lines of conduction and home intakes to provide drinking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ”, explained the Mayor.

Currently, the project that consists of the design, construction, equipment, operation, and maintenance, is in the process of international public bidding, however, it presents a significant advance after its presentation in 2016 and the announcement of the call in October of this year.

“Thanks to the transparent processes in the bidding, we can say that this project is almost a reality, from October 27 to today 8 interested national and international companies have registered, however, only one of them will be in charge of the construction of the plant that will benefit more than 140 thousand inhabitants with actions that build the new history of Los Cabos ”, concluded the municipal Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán.


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