4.8-degree earthquake shakes Loreto Baja California Sur


A new earthquake shook yesterday morning in the state, this time in the municipality of Loreto.

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At 7:59 local time on Wednesday, the first tremor with a scale of 4.8 degrees of magnitude occurred, the epicenter was located 70 km northwest of Loreto BCS, as mentioned in his report by social networks the Undersecretary of Protection Municipal Civil, Carlos Alfredo Godinez Leon.

Residents of the place were alerted by quickly posting on social media that they felt “like the floor moved.  

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So far no material damage of any kind or victims to regret has been reported, nothing beyond the fear and alertness of the citizens.   

We must be very aware of the replication of these earthquakes, as Baja South Californians, we have not gotten used to living on unstable floors, so we must be vigilant and alert to follow the protocols that are recommended in case of earthquakes and aftershocks.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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