Rural road rehabilitation program advances in La Paz


The Secretariat of Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Mobility ( Sepuim ), continues the second stage of the State Program for the Conservation and Rehabilitation of Roads in the municipality of La Paz, which will improve the conditions of transfer for those who live in the communities of the area mountain range from El Pescadero to El Refugio and surrounding communities, as reported by the director-general of the State Board of Roads (JEC), Carlos Lascurain Ochoa.

The owner mentioned that these actions are part of a comprehensive program for the rehabilitation of rural roads, which the State Government launched at the end of 2020, where 266 kilometers were attended, and that added to the 389 that will be worked during This period, 655 kilometers will have been rehabilitated, just in La Paz.

Likewise, in the same area of ​​El Pescadero, the sections of San Rafael, El Aguaje, Las Tijeras, Los Horconcitos and El Saltito de los García will be served, as well as from El Pescadero to San Andrés. In addition to the roads that include from La Conquista Agraria, Reforma Agraria No. 2, Reforma Agraria No. 1, to Los Tepetates and Rosario, as well as the accesses that leave from La Soledad to San Evaristo, Las Pocitas and Ramal, as well as La Santa María de Toris Dam, Santa Rita, Puerto Chale and Ramal a Santa Fe.

Finally, Lascurain Ochoa reiterated that with these works, more than 9 thousand inhabitants will benefit from having accessible routes through the works of tracing, filling of landslides, hand weeding, and potholes that allow safe transfers for BCS families.


The Cabo Post