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The state of Oaxaca — home to our cherished Huatulco community — is investing 3.5 billion pesos (approximately $174.4 million USD) into the further development of Marina Chahué. The plan is to reinvigorate Oaxaca’s economy by funding 100+ projects, including the new Centro de Congresos de Huatulco.

Centro de Congresos de Huatulco

In mid-December 2020, Oaxacan Governor Alejandro Murat posted preliminary designs of the new complex on his Twitter account. The complex will be located next to Marina Chahué, a picturesque gateway to the beaches, bays, and coves of the Bahías de Huatulco (Huatulco Bay).

The complex will feature a central building, congress center, and pier — thanks to the talents of renowned architect Enrique Norten, founder and director of TEN Arquitectos. Their work can be found in Mexico, Asia, Europe, and the United States, and includes mixed-use commercial properties, cultural and public buildings, museums, and single-family homes.

Boosting Oaxaca’s Economy

Oaxaca’s development of the Marina Chahué is part of a long-term strategy to reinvigorate the region’s economy with the creation of 14,500 new direct and indirect jobs. This is especially impressive when considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry. However, the Oaxacan government believes this region is worth the effort and is putting their pesos where their mouth is!

Calling All Investors

So what does the Marina Chahué development mean to you? We believe it opens up great real estate opportunities. The marina already welcomes thousands of visitors each year to its golden beaches, endless water activities, varied birdlife, and picture-perfect sunsets. But now, that number is going to skyrocket. Visitors will need short- and long-term spaces to stay when they flock to the area — which means increased profits to “early bird” investors!

Please note that as of January 2021, real estate prices in Marina Chahué remain competitive. However, prices won’t always be as competitive and are expected to change beginning spring 2021.

To explore investment opportunities around Marina Chahué, contact us today. Our friendly team will help you learn about the area and customize a portfolio that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations!


Brent May

Brent May is the GM and Founder of Own Mexico. He is highly motivated and strives for excellence in order to provide the best service possible for foreigners buying a property in Mexico. He understands some of the frustrations people may have while searching for a property in paradise and has learned from his own experiences buying and living in Mexico. Brent and his wife are grateful for the opportunities they have and to be able to live in a place most people vacation in. Brent’s extensive knowledge and experience in the buying process will leave you at ease while buying a property in Mexico.

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