Civil engineers complaint against Los Cabos Costa Azul, development


Álvaro Javier Ramírez Gálvez, president of the Federation of the Associations of Civil Engineers of the Mexican Republic (FECIC), said that the concrete wall in Costa Azul must be demolished, it clearly obstructs the channel of the stream, authorities are obliged to proceed for its prompt demolition, as well as support society in its collective complaint that has caused widespread and social anger in the Cabeños.

He explained that the construction of the Costa Azul wall denotes that developers are getting away with it since it is clearly obstructing the natural course of the stream, the margin of that federal zone is delimited between the lateral supports of the bridge, however, this is affected by the concrete wall.

“The channel is even delimited in a natural way, so the National Water Commission is the one that must act on the case immediately, there is not much to study clearly the developer hinders the coming of that runoff.”

He added that authorities of the National Water Commission and the Los Cabos City Council must have good lawyers and the legal tools to proceed with the demolition of the protection wall that, in a treacherous and premeditated manner, is located over the federal zone.

“There is a history of construction works that were demolished for violating the laws, including antennas that were placed in 2017 in various areas of the municipality, which shows the efforts of the authorities to enforce the law.”

He stressed that the developer must take advice from professional people and adhere to the laws, to avoid this type of situation of bad faith, actions that generate social anger and annoyance of a society that is within its right to report and be supported by its authorities. , since there is a citizenry that today is fired up and demands justice.


The Cabo Post