International travelers and the luxury segment drive Los Cabos tourism


By 2021, the Mexican destination is expected to close with 2.2 million visitors, the international flow being the most representative due to its economic impact.

After Los Cabos registered a record in 2019, reaching 2.7 million air visitors, in 2020, a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, 1.53 million visitors were registered.

“The recovery from June was much faster; Of those 1.5 million visitors, almost a million were international and that was another characteristic of the destination, in 2019, of the 2.8 we had, 2 million were international, we had a 50% reduction in the international flow, however, the recovery it was proportionally faster in this destination, “ said Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, General Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (Fiturca) for Forbes Mexico.

Meanwhile, international arrivals in private aviation took 66,000 people to the Mexican destination, which represented a significant growth, as it is a niche that presents a very high economic income due to the services it consumes; such as private excursions, gastronomy, and specific sports.

“ We had been growing since 2015 in arrivals to private aviation, with a double-digit boost and in 2020, some months we had a growth of 120%, compared to the same period of the previous year, it was a very strong travel trend in arrivals, ”added Esponda Cascajares.

In the first months of 2021, as the vaccination has advanced, the reservations of the national market have increased mainly in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, as well as natural markets such as Tijuana, Torreón, Ciudad Juárez, and Hermosillo.

Similarly, the director of Fiturca foresees that throughout 2021 the market will go through a period of coupling and uncertainty, however, he plans to close with 2.2 million area visitors in Los Cabos.

At the national level, the 65-year-old segment is already beginning to make reservations for the vaccination campaign .

“Reservations are being made with a super short term of a month in advance, which is a trend that was never seen,” he added.

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These will be the trends of Los Cabos for 2021

In the Mexican tourist destination, the luxury segment will continue to strengthen its economy with various more active physical activities such as hiking, kayaking, diving, and some cycling activities.

“In Los Cabos, the detonator will continue to be the superyachts that have continued to arrive, private aviation, golf; which has been a differentiator for the destination and has had very good months in terms of the rounds that are being sold and sport fishing ”, he added.

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Likewise, he added that the North American subsegments with the highest purchasing power will boost tourism in Los Cabos.

“There subsegments who are having a faster recovery than others and will mainly l Double Income No Kids, childless professionals who have greater economic potential and focused on gastronomy and style life, ” said Esposito Cascajares.

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On the other hand, the trend of United States citizens is present, where people combine their vacations with remote work, which prompted them to buy a second home in Los Cabos and other Mexican destinations.

“Interest rates in the United States have historically been very low, so there is a sector of the country that has access to accessible lines of credit and for them a property in Los Cabos worth half a million dollars, with which you can buy a house. and a luxury condominium with ocean view, it has been seen constantly ”, concluded the director of Fiturca.


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