La Paz tourist service providers offer trips to Balandra, without respecting the allowed capacity


The CPS news team traveled to Balandra beach to witness the situation that was occurring in the area, after multiple complaints of corruption, where allegedly municipal personnel were in collusion with tourism service providers, to condition access to the protected natural area, at an approximate payment of one thousand pesos.

We went with a tourist service provider, requesting a boat ride and back to be able to stay on the sloop beach for four hours, we asked if it was necessary to schedule, due to the reduction in capacity on beaches, to our surprise, he explained that the boats Access is not prohibited, since passengers could use the beach regardless of the capacity it had. 

Balandra lista para recibir a turistas Semana Santa

“The restriction is for people who arrive by land, but for those who arrive by boat there is no problem with capacity,” he mentioned. 

We went to the sloop beach and as we expected, the personnel located in the vehicular filter denied us access, arguing that there was already the capacity allowed from 6 in the morning.

We managed to walk into Balandra from El Tecolote, to a double surprise the capacity did not exceed 50% of what was allowed, and most of the bathers arrived from boats belonging to the tourist service providers, who took them to sloop and picked them up. after a while.

Lucran, without respecting capacity, tourist servers in Balandra

Upon returning from our walk through the beaches of Balandra, we ran into some tourists who came from Nayarit and were also trying to get to the beach by crossing the hills, they commented that since they did not have access by car, they decided to go to El Tecolote beach, same that does not have vehicle filters, in that place one of the boatmen offered them a trip to sloop for $ 1500.00 pesos.

“It is a round business, they deny us access and the boatmen charge us 1500 pesos and tell us that there is no problem with the capacity, it is a complete incongruity” they expressed. 

In an interview for other media, the director of the Municipal Department of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone ( Zofemat ) Susana Rubio Lucero, expressed that although there was no evidence in this regard, there was a problem with the service providers because they offered the services Balandra as if they were “taxis” which is not correct.

Sadly, we witnessed the lack of control that exists in access to beaches and how citizen workers themselves monopolize these natural areas, which should be freely accessible, taking advantage of the limitations that are stipulated due to the pandemic.

Greater control is needed by the corresponding authorities, to stop the enrichment of a few, through abuse and the advantageous use of pandemic restrictions . 

The images do not lie, the information here is … You judge.


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