6 unique and special attractions of Todos Santos BCS


Between the heat that floods the streets and the taste of the sea on its shores, Todos Santos is a work of art from the Mexican desert. For this reason, flavors and horizons that seem to have no end survive here. Without a doubt, we are before the most singular and mystical Magical Town of the north of Mexico. Therefore, we invite you to learn more about this site with the following attractions of Todos Santos.

One of the most iconic hotels in Mexico

Founded by Antonio Wong Tabasco and Trinidad CastilloHotel California is one of the oldest and most iconic attractions in Todos Santos. This site was born in 1950 and since then, many legends have hovered around it. It is said that the group The Eagles, was inspired by this building and a story within it to create the hit song of the same name. However, whatever the reality, it is a place that must be visited.

Hotel California
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The most beautiful beach in Baja California Sur

At Los Cerritos, life is truly more beautiful. That Todos Santos beach is one of the most visited by surfers from around the world. It is located next to the community of El Pescadero. That is why it becomes a spectacular place to practice various water sports or simply sit down to listen to music.

Los Cerritos Beach or Playa Los Cerritos Pescadero, Baja California Sur,  México

The best festivals

Like the members of The Eagles, REM guitarist Peter Buck was captivated by Todos Santos. That musician founded the Todos Santos Music Festival, thanks to the mix of the place. But it was not the only one, because people from all over the world have seen this Magic Town as the venue for endless festivals such as the  Gastrovino Festival and the Todos Santos International Film Festival.

people eating in Todos Santos
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One of the best turtle shelters

The Magic Town is an ideal place to appreciate the release of the olive ridley turtle. That is why the Las Playitas Tortuguero is one of the largest sanctuaries of this species in the entire country. The aforementioned place is in charge of protecting, caring for, and releasing these animals. Here you can be part of this program during the season from November 15 to January 15.

Tortuguero Las Playitas
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Some of the most incredible galleries in the country

Likewise, the unique atmosphere of Todos Santos has made it home to dozens of artists from around the world. Perhaps it is the shelter of fruit trees or the intensity of the sun and the sea that captivates all visitors. For this reason, there are several galleries that display a wide selection of art, unique pieces, and high-quality garments. Without a doubt, one of the most representative attractions of Todos Santos.

exterior of an art gallery in Todos Santos
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The oldest church in the area

Located at the top of Todos Santos, the Mission or Church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar is a site of past lives. This magnificent temple was founded by Segismundo Taraval in the old village of Todo Santos in the year 1731. Through the years it has been named in various ways until acquiring its current appointment. Thus, today it is one of the most surprising attractions of Todos Santos.

Mission of Nuestra Señora del PIlar
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