Earthquakes of 4.3 and 6.1 degrees surprise Los Cabos this morning


At dawn this Wednesday, the population of Los Cabos was surprised by an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.3 degrees on the Richter scale, events that occurred around 2:35 a.m., exactly 19 kilometers northwest of San José del Cabo, an hour later a second aftershock was felt in the Mexican Pacific 200 kilometers from San José del Cabo and its magnitude was 6.1

According to the information provided by the National Seismological and MetMex of Baja California Sur, at dawn on May 19, the telluric movement was quite superficial, however, the phenomenon was felt in the entire population of San José del Cabo and part of Cabo San Lucas, a fact that was replicated an hour later with greater intensity 

They also indicate that the first epicenter was just south of the Sierra de la Trinidad and very close to Las Casitas, Salto and Oriente de la Veredas, Santa Anita and San José Viejo , at the moment there are no reports of damage to homes, businesses and hotels of the municipality, the second replica was registered in the Pacific.

They explained that Los Cabos seldom manages to feel an earthquake because most of it is registered in the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean, but when the tremors occur on the ground as it happened at dawn this Wednesday, they can easily be felt in the community.

Between Los Cabos and La Paz, the areas with the highest seismic activity are Los Planes, San Antonio, El Triunfo, San Pedro, Chametla, El Centenario, San Bartolo and towns near the Sierra de la Laguna.


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