Los Cabos covid infections increase more than 80% in a week


Los Cabos is at risk of falling back on the Health Alert Traffic Light, as well as saturating hospital services and increasing the number of deaths, due to Covid -19 and that is that on May 25, active cases were 237 cases and this 2 In June, the figure rose to 433 infected, a situation that greatly worries the Civil Protection authorities.

According to the information provided by the State authorities on their Coronavirus BCS page, yesterday afternoon the number of active cases was 433 infected while in La Paz they were 237.

According to the latest report from the Health authorities on their website, of the 156 beds available in the municipality of Los Cabos, 59 were occupied, 26 are seriously ill and another 26 critical or intubated.

Erick Santillán, municipal director of Civil Protection of Los Cabos , said that due to various factors is that the number of infections increased in the south of the entity, he asserted that it is important for the population to be empathetic and responsible when complying with sanitary measures.

“We had Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, the political campaigns and well, here is the boom and the results, we run the risk of going backwards at the Health Alert Traffic Light.”

He warned that if they continue like this, medical and hospital services will grow and that is when nothing can be done and therefore the authorities will have to take other action measures, since the number of Covid-19 cases has skyrocketed, therefore that the population must understand and take care of themselves.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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