Millennial ends up passed out after receiving Covid vaccine in La Paz


The young man was betrayed by nerves when he attended the AstraZeneca vaccine at John Paul II High School.

La Paz / Baja California Sur– The photograph of a fainted young man, after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine in La Paz, became a trend in social networks, after its wide dissemination on the internet.

The millennial, according to the released photograph, had come to inject himself on the multipurpose court of the John Paul II Preparatory School, when he fainted in his seat after being injected, causing the quick reaction of the medical personnel present in the first aid.

The moment of the emergency action was captured by the cell phone camera of a person who was waiting his turn to be vaccinated.

The photo was shared on social media, and it went viral in minutes.

The photograph of the fainted boy flooded social networks and made enormous noise to the point of being reproduced in various user profilesvirtual groups, and news and humor pages, giving way to thousands of comments that gave their opinion on the subject, placing the photo in the first places in the ranking of trends in the Mexican Republic.

According to the diagnosis of the applicator device of the antigen , the boy got nervous, in fasting and  sugestionado to the place of the appointment.

After confirming the beneficiary’s pre-registration, the organizers of the health conference invited him to sit down to be injected with the vaccine created by the pharmaceutical Astra Zeneca.

At that time, an anxiety attack and fear attack invaded him, causing a rapid drop in blood pressure that caused him to lose consciousness for a few seconds.

The applicant’s fainting, was about to create collective chaos in the student campus, however, the young man regained his lucidity and stayed longer in the observation area, to recover from the strong impression he suffered.


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