Los Cabos will host the Early Bird Group International Convention


The annual coordinator of the Group in Los Cabos indicated that 16 groups from the Northwest and the US will participate to address the issue of climate change

Los Cabos will host the International Early Bird Group Convention on November 5 and 6with the participation of 16 groups of early risers in the Northwest area and in the United States, within this framework, the change of board of directors will take place at the international level, from Grupo Los Cabos and the nomination of the Forger of the Year.

The above was reported by the annual coordinator of the Los Cabos Early Bird Group, Mónica Espinoza Castelán, who said that the issue to be addressed during this Convention will be Climate Change.

Interviewed in the framework of the Group’s first face-to-face meeting after the covid-19 pandemic, Mónica Espinoza, stressed that with this event the group is reactivated, after last year they had no meeting, it was all virtually, but this year if they want to celebrate that they are together, that all the members of the group are doing well in the face of the pandemic.

She said that they have not yet agreed who will be the Forger of the Early Bird Group 2021, he will be put to a vote, he also reiterated that he will not be re-elected and that there will be a new coordinator of the Group since she has completed her two-year term.

Regarding the Convention, he argued that climate change is greatly affecting coastal areas, “there is a time at the global level to try whether not to back down but to stop that change as much as possible, we see rains, floods that we had never seen before in Hidalgo, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, Edomex and here we are already experiencing an extreme phenomenon such as Odile, a product of those climatic changes that we are experiencing ”.

She observed that acting in the face of climate change is not the responsibility of a single sector, of the government, but individually, each one to generate that change to avoid throwing garbage in the street that in the case of Los Cabos, everything reaches the sea, you have to start a change that dynamic, do not throw oil, avoid littering, use fewer fossil fuels, each citizen has to contribute and that public policies are also generated that help channel all this so that climate change does not cause greater effects.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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