Los Cabos will Receive 39% more national tourists for New years eve celebrations


Los Cabos , Baja California Sur .- According to the  Los Cabos Tourist Observatory, the main tourist destination in Baja California Sur (BCS) will increase national visitors between October, November and December 2021, particularly for the end of the year holidays. .

Due to the interest of travelers, only the national market will generate growth of 39.6% in the last months of 2021.

Likewise, the Los Cabos Tourism Observatory explained that this scenario in Los Cabos was attributed to the schedule of flights in the Mexican market for the next five months, especially for October, November, and December 2021. For those dates, a growth of 39.6 was estimated. % compared to the period of 2019.

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“This means that taking into account the increase in national tourism in past years, and in the projections for the future; the destination will undoubtedly be a trend for the New Year’s celebration, which is approaching ”, published Hotel Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos Resort, Villas and Golf.

Finally, it was highlighted that during July 2021, Los Cabos received 97.6 thousand passengers from domestic flights. That figure represented 33% of total air arrivals, which showed an increase of 10.2% only in domestic tourism compared to 2019

Source: elinformantebcs.mx

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