Los Cabos entrepreneurs support Navy taking over marina administration


Julio Castillo Gómez, executive president of the Los Cabos Coordinating Council, highlighted the relevance of the change in operations and administration of the Cabo San Lucas port area.

Entrepreneurs commented that the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) gives it an important value by taking complete control of this space; highlighting that Semar has always been an ally in strategic issues directly related to the security of the municipality.

Julio Castilló added that with this type of action, the federation is sending a clear message of the importance of Los Cabos at the national level, as it is recognized as one of the most important tourist destinations at the international level, for which Semar will still pay more to what this tourist area of ​​Cabo San Lucas represents.

“This gives us a very clear signal of the importance they have for the federation in strategic matters, due to their location and operations; the importance of the image that this destination has. I believe this is an important value that the port of Cabo San Lucas can capture well, Semar is an institution that, at least in Baja California Sur, mainly for Los Cabos, has been an ally in security.”

The main issue that the business sector has worked on for years through its Security Table is the problem of street vendors, insecurity, and working children in this area. Castillo Gómez emphasized that with the new strategies that Semar will implement, the changes will be immediately noticeable by being able to count on a greater presence of the Navy, which will seek greater order, security, and cleanliness of both the water mirror, like the walkways of the port area.

“I think that the benefits that we will see very soon, is that they open an order that had been lost. We have denounced for years that order was lost in the walkways of the marina, the same mirrors of water there was a lot of disorder. I think that with this change in the coming months we will be able to see greater security, more order and greater cleanliness.”

For years, providers of tourist services and businessmen from the marina had denounced the total abandonment of the Cabo San Lucas marina, mainly in the bathroom area of ​​the port terminal, which until a few days ago was controlled by the Comprehensive Port Administration. (API) and the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur). With these changes, the Los Cabos Coordinating Council expects more investment for the marina area.

“Today with this change, we hope that it will improve for the benefit of this destination; Above all, the income that is captured here by the operation of the Navy, is also invested for the benefit of Cabo San Lucas.”

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Although the Secretary of the Navy stressed that it is not seeking to militarize the Cabo San Lucas marina, since it is entirely a tourist area, Fonatur and businessmen are expected to work together to continue operating according to the needs of both service providers of nautical services and the thousands of tourists who visit the Cabo San Lucas marina during the year.

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