The US warns about the increase in active Covid cases in Baja California Sur


The government asks its citizens to take extreme precautions to travel to entities with an alert that is at level two of four.

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- The increase in cases of Covid-19 that has occurred in Mexico, caused a health alert by the Government of the United States of America, where it asks its citizens to take extreme precautions to travel to entities with an alert, like Baja California Sur, which is at level two of four.

According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Mexico is at level three out of four in coronavirus infections, so it asked its citizens to avoid traveling to the country. do not have the complete vaccination schedule.

In addition, the United States Government also puts Baja California Sur on alert, as a state with “greater caution due to crime.”

In this regard, the Attorney General of the State, Daniel De la Rosa Anaya, and the Governor of Baja California Sur, Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, agreed that the situation is not so serious and they hope not to have major repercussions in economic and tourist matters.

The South Californian president expressed that the entity does not have “remarkable” insecurity problems, but that they are “normal”, while he lamented the event that occurred in the state of Texas, United States, where students were shot.

“The North Americans keep coming, yes, they are people who know and have accurate information, and if there is a safe destination, that is Baja California Sur.”

He stated that the entity is in sixth place in security perception at the national level, for which he pointed out that the Security Table has been doing a good job, while mentioning that according to 2019, hotel occupancy has increased by 20 percent, which he classifies as “a good year and I hope that this does not affect us”.

“People will continue to visit our land, it is a safe, fraternal land that treats tourists well and that is why we have a large influx, we will continue to work hard so that visitors continue to arrive, the Government will continue to support tourism in the state”, said the chief executive.

For his part, the State Attorney explained that the alert issued by the neighboring country is divided into four categories and Baja California Sur is in the second, ensuring that the state is not contemplated or foreseen in the significant categories where it is prohibited. travel or where it is established that the trip is reconsidered.

Finally, he assured that Sudcalifornia is stable and that it is only a recommendation as it is done anywhere.


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