Rents in Los Cabos are expensive but fair, say landlords


Through a complaint made to the CPS Noticias and Tribuna de Los Cabos editorial staff, a citizen expressed his disagreement on the allegedly high rent prices in the municipality, a situation that motivated the team of reporters to conduct a survey on this issue. However, when questioning the Cabo population regarding this situation, the majority had an opinion contrary to the complaint.

Wendy Hernández, landlord and merchant of the street market located in the La Ballena neighborhood in San José del Cabo, commented that for her the rents in Los Cabos are in line with the cost of the area, because it is a tourist place. She explained that she has rooms for rent and that the cost of it is based on the area and size of the property.

“For example, in the Center it is more expensive, rents can even reach 10,000 pesos or more; it all depends on how it is. For example, there are cases of fully furnished rentals and those become expensive. In addition, those who rent do not take care of things, that is why rents are expensive”.

Other citizens who said their names were Esteban and Juan Carlos, shared before the cameras and microphones of CPS News, that they consider that newcomers to the destination are usually scared at first by the rental price of the homes, however, when some time passes, they become accustomed; because just as they spend, they also earn.

“Rents for this area are 1,500, 2,000 per month for one bedroom with a small bathroom, perhaps its little kitchen, but very tight. Already in the Center the rents can reach about 3,000 and well, most people can afford it because the salaries here are well paid, but the rents are very expensive.

It is a well-paid place but also, very expensive, just as they pay you well, they charge you well”.

It is worth mentioning that another problem that citizens point out is not only in the homes, but also in the food and the rest of the services.

Source: Tribuna de los Cabos