Tourist service providers agree with the suspension of activities with the whale shark.


After different tourist service providers expressed their disagreement with the suspension of swimming and observation activities with the whale shark due to the statement of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP) published on February 2, the Permit Holders Representative Committee Whale Shark Tourist Board in Bahía de La Paz released a new statement on February 8th.

The statement points out and highlights that the committee is in complete agreement and supports the pause on activities with these fish.

Since December 2022 to January 10, 2023, there was a record of 18 to 31 whale sharks. This number is high compared to the records after January 18 and 22, dates on which all port activities were canceled due to weather conditions.

From these dates is when the number of whale sharks decreased significantly, these are some of the records provided by the statement:

“On the tours of January 29, 6 whale sharks, January 30, 2 whale sharks and February 1, 3 whale sharks.”

Therefore, observation and swimming activities with the whale shark in the Bay of La Paz were suspended from February 2. What provoked different opinions from some tourist service providers regarding these measures that affected their economic income.

Another cause for the pause in activities is the decrease in the surface temperature of the sea water, since in December there was a temperature of 20.2°C and in February it was 17°C, that is, it decreased by more than 3°C.  In addition to this, environmental conditions, such as sea currents, modified the places where plankton appeared, the main food of this marine species.

Statement issued by the Representative Committee of Whale Shark Tourist Permit Holders in Bahía de La Paz.

Source: Tribuna de los Cabos