AMPI presents its new real estate marketing platform

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) unveiled its new marketing platform called “ VALOREsAMPI” . 

It is a digital tool that will boost the real estate sector in Mexico , prevent fraud and make partner operations clearer and simpler. 

“ The market has been updating rapidly, especially in the technological part, in this sense, since last year we have strengthened platforms that allow us to provide a better service to members and that could somehow help streamline sales operations”, commented in an interview for Inmobiliare, Ignacio Lacunza, national president of AMPI. 

Who also explained that with this platform they intend to increase marketing, that is, to make operations in the country more agile. 

The tool provides members with peace of mind, since all the properties uploaded in ” VALORESAMPI “ have a legal and fiscal analysis. 

According to Lacunza, the platform is nationwide, estimating that in the short and medium term it will house a data of 120,000 properties. 

“On the first day it opened, 700 went up immediately, and obviously it’s going to grow.” 

He also indicated that with this new tool the number of associates will be created, to exceed the six thousand that they currently have. 

Ignacio Lacunza, national president of AMPI. PHOTO: Courtesy

“We are improving our services, and the intention is that they see us as a desolation that is very clear in its mission, vision, its values ​​and its philosophy, that is, that the AMPI is aspirational.”

AMPI presents its new plan to reactivate the industry 

The real estate world has changed as a result of Covid-19, and not only in the technological part, but also in the services offered.

Given this, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals informed Real Estate that it is working on a National Plan to reactivate the Mexican economy. 

“We have called this project ‘Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals Ambassadors of Real Estate Investment’ , it consists of promoting the real estate portfolio of the state or municipality.”

Although AMPI will be in charge of disseminating the properties, it will also promote tax incentives from the authorities, for example: the extension of the property tax or the reduction of the acquisition tax, depending on the information provided by the government.     

“We have already started offering this project in Morelos, Sinaloa (Mazatlán), Guanajuato (Irapuato and León); likewise with Baja California, Baja California Sur and Tamaulipas, we will also take it in Chiapas”. 

Ignacio Lacunza reported that this project will not only reach all of Mexico, but will also be international. 

“First we are going to be with the United States and Brazil, mainly because they are the associations with which we have collaboration agreements,” he concluded.