BCS air connectivity with Europe could be expanded in 2024


At the moment, said the state undersecretary of tourism, not much information can be provided regarding the flights for marketing and planning reasons.

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- The undersecretary of tourism in the entity announced that they are working on linking new flights to the European continent, with the aim of achieving greater air connectivity with that emerging market.

Fernando Ojeda Aguilar, head of the institution, mentioned that the Ministry of Tourism and Economy (SETUE) foresees that the direct flight Los Cabos-Madrid will be consolidated again at the beginning of the year, with which they foresee an increase in the number of travelers visiting BCS.

“We continue to work with other emerging markets. The European market will surely be consolidated with the flight to Madrid in its third season, which has been successful. Work is being done in two other countries, but I would reserve the news for marketing and strategy reasons; In due course there will be good news.”

He has explained that the European tourist, when visiting Los Cabos, can take advantage of enjoying the two roads north of BCS that allow them to get to know the customs and tourist-cultural activities, as well as the scenarios that South Californian has.

“Los Cabos is a great hub for Baja California Sur. They usually compete by concentrating many routes, but that is where it is distributed and we are noticing it with the European market. In particular, with the Madrid flight more than 80% of the passengers on that flight visited La Paz. Today a tourist region is being sold that includes a circuit that is no longer just a destination and these are global trends, many more things are offered.”

Ojeda Aguilar assured that there are still “many details to review and detail” so that the approval processes of the air routes are fulfilled, among which the connection between the destinations must be considered, having personnel available on the ground, that the airport is in optimal conditions and the overnight stays of its crews.

If the above described was established, he stated that the signing of an agreement would be carried out that would allow the territory to be connected to the European city and with it, captivate a greater number of people who visit Baja California Sur, which would translate into an increase in 450 thousand additional people, compared to the 4.5 million who arrived in 2022.

Source: El Independiente