La Paz and Los Cabos Baja California Sur recloses beaches


Due to the rebound in coronavirus infections , in Baja California Sur the beaches were closed again and they canceled aquatic, tourist and recreational outdoor activities that had been resumed in mid-June under precise sanitary instructions that were practically never respected.

The spike in infections for not respecting sanitary measures in reopening beaches forced the closure of Los Cabos.  (Google)

It had been instructed that only 30% of hotel capacity and affluence would be allowed to tourist centers, and beaches in Baja California Sur such as La Paz and Los Cabos, however, tourists excessively exceeded the allowed percentage, so the authorities They made the decision to close them again just two weeks later.

The Mayor of La Paz, Rubén Muñoz Álvarez, announced the closure of the beaches in order to reduce Covid-19 infections and urge society to stay at home

Given the disobedience of the citizens for not complying with sanitary measures and the high rate of contagion of the coronavirus, the Municipal Health Committee (COMUSA), determined the closure of the beaches again in this capital city of the State.

The mayor of La Paz, Rubén Muñoz Álvarez, announced the closure of the beaches in the state capital , in order to reduce the spread of the pathogen and urge society to stay at home and abide by healthy distance measures.

“This Thursday, we have determined the closure of all the beaches in La Paz, this due to the high rate of infections and the low participation of citizens to stay at home, as well as the low application of preventive measures. La Paz will be able to receive visitors in its entirety, all of which will remain closed until further notice, ”said the mayor.

I explain that the boardwalk can only be used by cyclists and motorists.

“In addition, department stores, supermarkets, as well as public transport will have new requisitions and obligations for users,” he explained.

He considered that, with the closure of the beaches, Coronavirus infections among the La Paz population could be minimized , since they have registered a significant increase until the end of June.

Por incremento en contagios, cerrarán otra vez playas de La Paz
civil disobedience in BCS

“The spread of this disease in La Paz has increased by 40 percent, due to civil disobedience; unfortunately we have exceeded the more than 300 active cases of Covid-19, and for this reason, the beaches of La Paz are closed, because we do not want more infections, ”he said.

The municipality of La Paz is the one that registers the most deaths and infections due to Covid-19, of the 2,152 accumulated cases.

Baja California Sur closes its beaches again due to more infections

Mexico consolidated in 2019 as one of the 10 most visited countries in the world and the tourism industry contributes 8.7% of the national gross domestic product (GDP).

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, tourism – both domestic and foreign – has plummeted, putting areas heavily dependent on it, such as the Riviera Maya, Acapulco, and Baja California Sur , at a crossroads.

Waiting for tourists

Aware of the current difficulties, tourism authorities and the business sector are working to strengthen the confidence of visitors to this popular destination.

Despite the bad streak, they have predicted a gradual increase in the arrival of planes for this month.

The arrival of tourists will continue to grow “and having four international flights and four national flights a day, we now have double and it is increasing.”

“80,000 reserved seats were scheduled for this month, of which about 30,000 are expected to finally fly to the destination,” said the director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, Mauricio Perez Salicrup.

More measures and protocols

After the main beaches of the half peninsula became crowded, the health sector in the state has registered an increase in hospital occupation by Covid-19.

Although occupancy is still low and slightly above 20% for both general beds and ventilator beds (for critically ill patients), authorities fear that health personnel – some 8,500 workers – will end up oversold.

As of July 9, 2,036 cases were recorded and more than half are active, in addition to some 90 deaths.

As a result of these latest events, the region continues with the epidemiological traffic light -which regulates the reopening of productive and social activities in the country- in orange (high danger).

In Mexico, which so far has totaled 289,174 cases and 34,191 deaths, many of the states are in this same color, indicating a very cautious reopening of essential and non-essential activities.

For at least a few more weeks, Baja California Sur will continue without beaches or its traditional leisure, putting the tourism sector and the thousands of families that depend on it more in danger.


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