Los Cabos Proves the Best Can Get Better (OPINION)

Travel Expert Codie Liermann who happens to be an Associate Editor for TravelPulse.com has worked in the travel industry for almost five years and has visited countless destinations around the world. This is her last impression of Cabo:

Over the last few months, with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, everyone has been forced into a new way of doing things. People are keeping their distance from one another, communicating through screens and car windows.

Avid travelers have especially been thrown a curveball, as travel unexpectedly halted for the most part. Business trips were put on hold; vacations were canceled, and people were left satisfying their wanderlust with virtual adventures.

However, as destinations begin to reopen and travel-related fears subside, many people are beginning to think about the new normal—and travelers are hoping to piece together plans for long-overdue vacations. But with the coronavirus going nowhere fast, health and safety protocols are of the utmost importance as travel resumes.

Situated at the southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is a refuge of socially distanced bliss. But this isn’t due to recent events. The destination has long since been known, and loved, for its wide beaches and spacious desert landscape. Los Cabos views social distancing more as a way of life than a preventative measure.

Nevertheless, Los Cabos is putting the health and safety of both local residents and visitors at a high priority, and the reopening plan is backed by the World Travel & Tourism Council’s “Safe Travels” stamp of approval.

Los Cabos Tourism Board
PHOTO: Social distancing. (photo via Los Cabos Tourism Board)

Los Cabos is a destination for all types of travelers, welcoming both vacationers who want to relax and explorers who can’t sit still.

From world-class dining, high-end shopping and local markets to luxurious spas, spacious pools and a variety of resorts, this destination has it all—and then some.

Visitors can choose to spend their days taking in the sights from an ATV or floating along the surface of the ocean pointing out colorful fish and marine life. The weather stays pleasant year-round, so visitors can indulge in outdoor activities no matter which month they’re visiting.

Los Cabos Tourism Board
PHOTO: Hiking in Los Cabos. (photo via Los Cabos Tourism Board)

So although everyday life might not seem so ordinary right now and things may look a bit different during a visit to this paradisiacal destination, in reality, Los Cabos has not changed too much. Vacant beaches remain to be discovered and untouched landscapes continue to provide visitors with places to escape to.

Personal space will always be a free amenity in this place, and tourists will always be greeted with a warm welcome.

Travelers ready to escape the virtual world for a sunny adventure can look no further than Los Cabos. To top it off, this convenient location offers guests a seamless getaway. Travelers can minimize travel distance while maximizing beach time, as it’s only a three-hour flight from 22 major U.S. cities.

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by Codie Liermann

Source: Travel Pulse

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