Cabo San Lucas cleans up after hurricane Genevieve


Cabo San Lucas.- From 8 o’clock in the morning yesterday, organized society carried out a cleaning day on the beaches of the bay and the tourist area of ​​Cabo San Lucas, due to the effects of hurricane ‘Genevieve’, which caused serious damage to roads from the center, leaving them muddy and with black water runoff, while a sanitation campaign was carried out on the beaches of the bay, removing a wall of garbage that reached more than a meter and a half high. 

Some of the people who were cleaning the beach of La Empacadora or El Corsario, said that the most impacted area was El Médano, so most of the people were in that area cleaning from the other side of the Marina to 8 Cascadas.

Among the garbage that was detected on the seashore, which was diverse, were sticks, boats, tires, clothing, toys, plastics, boards, and all kinds of waste, which were collected by people committed to the welfare of the destination. .

For his part, the municipal director of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone said that after the meteor passed, a significant amount of garbage began to come down from the streams and that due to the effects of the current they will end up on La Empacadora beach, however, on this occasion it was different because the affected area was El Médano. 

“Right now what you are seeing is a part of what was still there yesterday; finally we have a waste height of up to 2.5 meters, so if we continue to remove the garbage manually we would hardly finish in a month ”.

She asserted that due to the excess of garbage, mechanical equipment will have to be used to collect the waste and then carry out a fine cleaning, this after lifting all the macro waste because there are buried tires, branches, planks, and metal objects.

He asserted that currently the beaches are closed due to the dirt that prevails on the seabed and beach, “there is a Black Flag which means that it is forbidden to enter the sea, it must be said that there is also accumulated garbage on the seabed and that the sea is going to take off ”. 

He pointed out that this garbage is generated by human activity and that it comes down from the streams, “it is necessary to create a strategy to avoid the garbage dump in the upper areas of the streams, detecting that that is where the largest volume of accumulated garbage is found. ”. 


Baja California Post