Do you still have them? 500 peso banknote from Ignacio Zaragoza is purchased for a price greater than its value

The general’s paper money is quite coveted on digital platforms so we recommend you save it

Do you remember the 500 peso bill with the image of General Ignacio Zaragoza? Well if you have any of these in your wallet or piggy bank, don’t change it! since on the Internet you could sell it with a price much higher than its original value.

Yes, as you are reading it, the piece that first came out in 1994 and was later replaced by one with the image of the painter Diego Rivera is being offered on digital platforms at a cost of almost 2,000 pesos.

Frida y Diego desaparecen de billete de 500 pesos - Diario La Prensa

Let us remember that the bill with the face of the hero of the Battle of Puebla began to circulate 26 years ago as part of the C family of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), where the denominations were expressed in “new pesos”.

Some time later, this paper money was updated to integrate families D and D1, where it was only expressed in “pesos”.

28 08 20 Tickets from Ignacio Zaragoza are still worth

However, in 2000 a series of banknotes commemorating the 75th anniversary of Banxico was put into circulation again, which were created with the same design, although this time the legend ’75 Anniversary 1925-2000 ‘was included.

These tickets are the ones that in platforms such as Mercado Libre are offered up to 1,850 pesos; While the 1994 edition of paper money can be found with a price of 1,560 pesos, while the next printing sells for up to 750 pesos, this depends on the serial number, the state of the note and if it has been circulated.

Ignacio Zaragoza’s banknote was made with cotton paper. This was made up of the image of the general and a representation of a fragment of José Cusachs’s work called ‘Strong combats sustained in the hills of Loreto and Guadalupe’.

While on the reverse side of the bill there was a representation of the bell tower and domes of the Puebla Cathedral, as well as ornamental elements from that region.

It is worth mentioning that both the C and D family banknotes are currently in the process of being withdrawn, their indicated denomination is still respected, but Banxico has asked the banks to separate them so that they do not return to the public.


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