If the Los Cabos desalination plant does not materialize, it will be the fault of Morena legislators


Due to the conformation that he considers illegitimate in the BCS Congress, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis indicated that it will be the responsibility of the legislators of Morena and the PT , if the desalination project is not achieved for the municipality of Los Cabos, as long as it remains firm in not publishing any decree, of any subject , that emanates from this Congress, while the judicial power of the legitimate integration does not pronounce. 

Carlos Mendoza

In an interview in the first issue of CPS Noticias, the state president said that he will not sign the legislative product because the court has already endorsed it on one occasion because everything that is being done in Congress would be flawed in origin and, if enacted, it would be generating a great damage to Baja California Sur. 

He regretted that a project in which he assures he has worked during the five years that he has been governor, such as the desalination plant, is at risk of not being achieved due to the undemocratic efforts of the Morena deputies.

Mendoza Davis, asked the population not to be fooled, also advanced what I consider follows in the “script” that they have written in the congress:

“In congress they will approve it, they will put it on my desk and they will say that because the Executive did not sign it, it is who is stopping it.” 

In that sense, he urged the mayor of Los Cabos, Armida Castro Guzmán to help her deputies come to their senses so that the desalination plant project comes out because if it does not go out it will be a failure of all, although the responsibility will be on the deputies Morena and PT:

“The express responsibility lies with the deputies of Morena who do not want to live with an opposition and who want to use the State Government as a sounding board in the election year that lies ahead.”

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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