Los Cabos magnet for high net worth individuals


Lilzi Orci, president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, announced that the South of the entity has become an attractive destination for new market segments, which bring an important economic benefit, such as luxury, weddings, and meetings, their currencies go over 30% than a standard tourist.

He indicated that the 2020 Digital Tourism Tianguis was of great relevance for tourist destinations in Mexico and that it was held virtually, hoping in 2021 to develop the event in person.

Información sobre Los Cabos

“In the case of Los Cabos, it was represented by the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, achieving important business appointments to attract the best to this destination, call it receiving agencies, airlines, medical journals, among others.”

He pointed out that Los Cabos is in a ‘boom’ of growth by attracting new specific segments, so this type of events such as the Tourist Tianguis allows you to follow up on those negotiations that will benefit the destination.

“We try to cover all segments, but right now the ones that are working the most in terms of tourism promotion are luxury tourism and which is obviously very strong because Los Cabos has positioned itself in a very good place in this regard,” said the interviewed.

He explained that Los Cabos has been considered a luxury destination since it has the infrastructure and high-quality services that serve to attract this segment.

Información sobre Los Cabos

“There is also wedding tourism, in addition to the meetings segment, the World Meeting Forum was recently held in Los Cabos, a way of saying that we are ready to receive the guest of conventions and meetings.”

He concluded by saying that the market for conventions and meetings leaves a large economic spill, about 30% more than traditional tourism and this is for all the services they require. 

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Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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