“El Chapo” children donate and build a school in Culiacan after being ignored by government officials (video)

Sinaloa seeks to regularize school opened by children of ‘El Chapo’ in Culiacán

Since the beginning of this week, around 90 girls and boys have taken face-to-face classes in the building equipped by the children of the famous drug trafficker “El Chapo” born in Badiraguato, Sinaloa.

The Sinaloa government seeks to incorporate into the state educational system a school that was equipped by the children of drug trafficker Joaquín El Chapo  Guzmán Loera, who is serving a life sentence plus 30 years in a United States prison.

Since the beginning of this week, around 90 girls and boys have taken face-to-face classes in the building equipped by the children of the drug trafficker born in Badiraguato, Sinaloa.

Dando el ejemplo? Hijos de “El Chapo” construyen y equipan una escuela en  Culiacán

The campus is located in the Ampliación Bicentenario neighborhood, an irregular settlement located south of this capital of Sinaloa, and one of the most marginalized areas in the city.

MILENIO went to the campus and was able to verify that the initials “JGL” were placed at the entrance of the campus, in reference to Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo. The same letters were printed on cardboard boxes containing laptop computers donated to the makeshift school by the children of the 63-year-old drug lord.

Juan Alfonso Mejía López, Secretary of Education in the entity, explained that the campus must be regularized, otherwise the studies of the girls and boys who attend it will not have official validity.

The government official of Quirino Ordaz Coppel pointed out that personnel from the School Supervision Area have initiated contact with teachers from the temporary school “Bicentennial Extension”, which was enabled by the relatives of Guzmán Loera.

“This is where we are focused (on regularizing the school); I think that’s important with regard to planning. Let’s remember, for example, sometimes there are even schools where they last a long time like cardboard, but they don’t even have a school password. So I think it is important to be on the ground and follow up, “said Mejía López when asked about the state of the campus.

Teachers interviewed on the spot reported that it was El Chapo’s own children who ordered the school to be built, to which they donated screens, computer equipment, internet service, benches, tables, uniforms, and even school shoes for the 90 students.

The teacher stated that they had previously asked the state government for support for this campus and were ignored

“A request had been made, but since right now all the resources were going to the covid-19, we were struggling. There was the intention of the government to support, but the truth is it was not given. A request had also been made to society, but right now everyone is focused on the pandemic, and that’s good, but here in the school nobody had been able to support. Several requests had been made, students were struggling to study, they were lacking the resources, ”she commented.

In this regard, the Secretary of State Education, Juan Alfonso Mejía López, said he was unaware that the inhabitants of the Ampliación Bicentenario neighborhood had made a request for equipment for their temporary school.

The school has a bathroom, a roof, a television, and a blackboard. In addition, the children are given a snack and through messages, the teachers communicate what they need.

“Guzmán Loera’s children told me in the last message I received that not to worry, that they were going to continue supporting us one way or another and what can I say to them, we are very grateful … now they were going to Bring some tablets because one monitor screen was not enough, they are going to bring a tablet for each student”, said Adilene, another teacher there.

Most of the students at the temporary school “Bicentennial Extension” are children of parents dedicated to the collection and sale of waste materials, such as cardboard, aluminum, and plastic bottles.

despues de la fugaz detencion de ovidio guzman en culiacan seguramente te has preguntado cuantos y quienes son los hijos de "el chapo" y a que
Guzmán Loera’s children

“Guzmán Loera’s children wanted to do something very big; They wanted to build a school, but there wasn’t enough time. I told them that the luxuries didn’t matter so much, that the most important thing was the Internet and all this; They were told about this place, that if they could help us adapt it, and well, they did adapt it: they made the fence, the cloth, they made that bathroom because before it was something made of sheet metal and old iron ”, concluded the teacher Esmeralda.

Source: milenio.com, periodicocentral.mx

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