The Three Wise Men will tour the most vulnerable colonies of Cabo San Lucas


Nora Verónica Cortés Cervante s, coordinator of the Comprehensive Family Development System in Cabo San Lucas, announced that municipal authorities are planning the next Three Wise Men caravan, consisting of distributing toys and bags among the underprivileged minors of sweets, which will be distributed in around 30 vulnerable colonies.

He explained that this January 6 the same activity that was carried out on December 25 will be carried out, delivering 2,000 toys and 10,000 bags, until now the authorities do not have the dates and times defined for the development of the next caravan, as well as the amount of gifts and bags of goodies, he stressed that this time they will go to other vulnerable neighborhoods.

He explained that they will go to the most vulnerable colonies and in which the caravans made up of official vehicles decorated for the holiday and accompanied by the Three Wise Men, will travel all the streets of the most vulnerable settlements so as not to leave any minor without a toy.

“We are very happy as public servants when we approach the houses, the idea is that the children remain at home and not generate crowds, so the children must wait for the gate.” 

He explained that on other occasions these types of events were carried out on a massive scale but due to the pandemic the dynamics changed, “action that serves the public servant to know the conditions in which the most vulnerable families live.” 

He also stressed that this dynamic of delivering toys to the doors of the houses is with the intention of protecting the health of families , especially considering that the number of active cases has grown.

He concluded that it is important that minors and parents go out with face masks and comply with sanitary measures, even in the caravans of the Magi, there will be personnel delivering disinfected toys, in addition to placing antibacterial gel to minors so that they receive their gift, he urged minors and adults to stay at home and avoid crowding around automotive units, since all children will benefit.


The Cabos Post