Baja California Sur state roads rehabilitation program begins

The State Government through its official website announced last Friday, January 8, the start of the state program for the conservation and rehabilitation of Roads, which will be developed in three stages.

The objective is to allow the improvement of more than 2,000 kilometers in Baja California Sur, guaranteeing the safe transfer of the inhabitants of the areas near the rural communities that need to move to access health services or to market their products, impacting in a positive life of citizens.

The first stage is planned to be in the municipality of Mulegé, where the roads from Bahía Tortugas-Punta Eugenia-El Chester, Punta Abreojos-Bahía Asunción, Ramal a Punta Quebrada, El Malarrimo-El Queen-El Campito, Puerto Escondido-El Rincón- Clambay, Branch to Puerto Nuevo-San Cristóbal, San José de Castro-Bahía Asunción, Branch to San Pablo and Bahía Asunción-San Roque.

The program will be able to increase the easy access and connectivity of sectors that are far from each other, thus increasing the possibilities of developing socially and productively.

Due to the work that will be carried out in the area, an attentive call is made to the citizens who usually travel through the area, so that they respect the security signs that are installed in the place, as well as drive with great caution and on all have a lot of patience during the development of these works.


The Cabo Post