Baja California Sur Magical Towns will maintain 40% tourist occupancy by 2021


The Magical Towns in the state, Todos Santos is the one that receives the greatest demand, due to its proximity to La Paz and Los Cabos; Loreto will increase.

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The representative of Pueblos Mágicos, Juan Carlos Cañedo commented that in 2021 it is expected to maintain 40% occupancy in both, Todos Santos and Loreto this, after the constant changes of the Epidemiological Traffic Light, as he recalled that La Paz together with Comondú were the first to go back, and now in Loreto: “According to the pandemic we went back to an orange traffic light, but for sure we are going to stay at 40% by the government request,” he emphasized.

Loreto BCS

In this sense, Juan Cañedo emphasized that the greatest influx is in Todos Santos due to its proximity to La Paz and Los Cabos, but that, with the new flights to Loreto, it may increase the number of vacationers by up to 60%; However, he acknowledged that due to the pandemic they fell to 30%.

“Currently, due to the proximity of the border with Los Cabos and La Paz, we do have a greater influx of tourism, but currently, since American Airlines has already started to fly to Loreto, the occupancy must increase, not at the same rate as before. We calculated 60% or 58%, since also the characteristics of occupations, due to the pandemic, we dropped again to 30% or 40%, both in Loreto and Todos Santos, “he said.

Todos Santos BCS

He recalled that, in 2019, the hotel occupancy in Todos Santos was 85%, while in Loreto was 73%, but currently it is “30% or 40%., following the provision of the health sector, to safeguard tourists.

Finally, the Representative of Pueblos Mágicos said that Loreto is expected to do better with the new flights it receives, which will attract more tourists to know the beauties that the capital of Las Californias offers to its visitors.


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