UBER driver rapes young American in La Paz


A 24-year-old American woman was sexually abused by an UBER driver who subjected her to rape her

La Paz / Baja California Sur.- A 24-year-old foreign resident was the victim of rape by a driving partner of UBER, in the state capital.

According to the testimony of the complainant of the sexual abuse, nationality American, around 11:40 am of last  March 10, she called for a uber.

Minutes later, a red Mitsubishi Mirage car arrived at the door of her home and boarded.

When observing the driver who was driving the unit, he noticed that it was the same person who had already provided travel services to her on previous occasions. She sat confidently in the back seat of the car, waiting to reach her destination.

However, the driver of UBER had other intentions.

After starting the trip, the passenger noticed that the driver deviated from the requested route, heading to a lonely place far from the city.

Despite the questions, the driver only told her that “he had forgotten something, that he would go to pick up some things and then finish the service

they arrived at a remote area. The driver stopped the car, to go quickly to the back seat, and hold the young woman by both hands.

“He took me hard. I started yelling at him to leave me, but he told me that it would only last three minutes ”, the affected woman said in her complaint.

Subsequently, the aggressor lowered his victim’s shorts to his knees, inserting his fingers in the intimate area, and continuing with the sexual assault.

The rapist lowered his pants and committed the rape .

Afterward, the rapist adjusted his pants and returned to the pilot’s seat of the unit, to move away from the scene of the violation.

In the back seat was the young woman, who did not come out of the mental shock of having been raped.

The driver left his victim at the requested address, to yell at her to get out of his car and not to think of saying anything to anyone, otherwise, he already knew where she lived and would look for her to harm her.

The first thing the victim did when getting out of the car was to call 911 and request emergency support. When Public Security units arrived at the place where the young woman was, she was already accompanied by a friend.

Both women filed the corresponding complaint, for the crimes of retention of personssexual abuse, and death threats against the American girl.

The driver of the UBER platform was recognized as Eynar “N”, a worker for the service company.

Until now, the rapist of women is wanted by the authorities to respond and pay for the serious damages caused to his victim.

Uber confirms; Dismisses driver who committed sexual assault against a 24-year-old foreigner

A Public Relations representative of the UBER company contacted the editorial staff of this media to publicize their position on the sexual assault committed against a 24-year-old foreign girl last night, March 10, 2021.


At Uber we condemn any action that threatens the safety and integrity of people. As soon as we received the report of an alleged sexual assault in La Paz, we activated our incident response protocol, as part of which the driver’s access to the platform was disabled, and the first contact with the user was made. Following your instructions, we stay tuned to offer support.

No one should go through a situation like the one described. We are fully available to collaborate with investigations if required, through our Portal for Security Authorities.

Source: metropolimx.com, noticiaslapaz.news

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